Alan Tu­ring – het won­der van 100 jaar ge­le­den

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Thou­sands of pe­o­p­le ha­ve co­me to­gether to de­mand jus­ti­ce for Alan Tu­ring and re­cog­ni­ti­on of the ap­pal­ling way he was tre­a­ted. Whi­le Tu­ring was dealt with un­der the law of the ti­me and we can’t put the clock back, his tre­at­ment was of cour­se ut­ter­ly un­fair and I am plea­sed to ha­ve the chan­ce to say how dee­ply sor­ry I and we all are for what hap­pe­ned to him … So on be­half of the Bri­tish govern­ment, and all tho­se who li­ve freely thanks to Alan’s work I am very proud to say: we’­re sor­ry, you de­ser­ved so much bet­ter.”

Pri­me Mi­nis­ter Gor­don Brown, re­lea­sing a sta­te­ment on 10 Sep­tem­ber 2009, apo­lo­gi­sing and de­scri­bing the tre­at­ment of Tu­ring as “ap­pal­ling”.